Black Friday sale on select titles
23rd Nov 2018

FatCat and 130701 are offering a 20% discount on select back catalogue vinyl + 50% off CDs for Black Friday via our webstore. The offer is valid over the weekend up until midnight on Monday 26th November and sees LPs selling as low as £11.99 and some CDs down to just £3.50. It includes a number of great 130701 releases including the below titles (while stock lasts).
Head here to check out the sale.

Dmitry Evgrafov – ‘Comprehension Of Light’ LP
Dmitry Evgrafov – ‘Collage’CD
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – ‘Like Water Through The Sand’ LP / CD
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – ‘Epoques’ LP / CD
Hauschka – ‘Room To EXpand (Expanded)’ LP
Hauschka – ‘Foreign Landscapes’ LP / CD
Hauschka – ‘Ferndorf’ CD
Ian William Craig – ‘Slow Vessels’ LP
Ian William Craig – ‘Centres’ LP / CD
Olivier Alary – ‘Fiction / Non-Fiction’ LP / CD
Resina – ‘Resina’ LP / CD
Resina – ‘Traces’ LP / CD
Sylvain Chauveau – ‘Simple’ CD
V/A – ‘The Sea At The End Of Her String’ LP
V/A – ‘Eleven Into Fifteen’ LP
V/A – ‘Floored Memory… Fading Location’ CD