Dmitry Evgrafov, Hauschka and Dustin O’Halloran feature on 1631 box set
19th Apr 2018

Dmitry Evgrafov, Hauschka and Dustin O’Halloran all feature on a lavish, limited edition box set released next month by Swedish label, 1631. The box set comprises 3 x CDs, 3 x LPs and a 12″ booklet. With each artist occupying one side of vinyl, it features 4 new tracks each from Dmitry and Hauschka, and 3 from Dustin. Other artists included in the release are Oscar Schuster, Sophie Hutchings and Library Tapes.

Available to pre-order now (released on May 25), the box set is limited to 300 copies and the individual LP’s are also available separately, limited to 200 copies each in the following artist pairings: Dustin O’Halloran /  HauschkaDmitry Evgrafov / Oscar Schuster; Library Tapes / Sophie Hutchings.

Read more and listen to the release(s) here.