Ian William Craig teasers collected
17th Jul 2016

In case you missed the set of teaser videos Ian William Craig made for each track of his recent ‘Centres’ album, you can find them all gathered in one playlist on our 130701 Youtube channel. The teasers show the process of the making of a lithograph print of Ian’s  album artwork and we should have a very limited edition of these prints for sale on the FatCat store soon…

Ian explains the teasers, saying: “The drawings on the cover of Centres come from a suite made with opaque black pigments on mylar, which is a transparent material. This interplay between opaque and transparent areas allowed me to burn the image onto a plate like a photograph and then print it lithographically. These small vignettes document that process, from the development and preparation of the plate, to the printing of the lithographs, and finally to cleaning everything up. Hopefully the camera revealed a bit of the poetry I find so inspiring about printmaking.”

The lithograph was printed in an exclusive edition of 25.


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