LISTEN: Dmitry Evgrafov track released on Deutsche Gramophon
7th Jun 2019

Moscow-based pianist Dmitry Evgrafov has a brand new track out today. The track, ‘Serein’, is an improvised piano piece and is released by Deutsche Gramophon as part of their ‘Project 12′ compilation series.

Dmitry exlains that “the name of the piece ‘Serein’ means a sort of rain that is falling from a cloudless sky, usually a light drizzle after the dusk… To record the piece I flew from Moscow to Berlin and booked Lichte Studio (owned by Martyn Heyne) in which I always wanted to record piano. To challenge myself I deliberately did not make any preparations and set a very limited time for recording, so I had to compose everything from scratch. As a result Serein is an entirely improvisational piece. I see this approach as a very humbling practice, when you allow yourself to play the piece only once without making any further changes to it: once it’s played it’s finished and the listener becomes a witness of this one off experience.”

You can check it out here.

Check out Dmitry’s ‘Return’ EP, which was released last year. He’s currently beginning work on a new album, which we hope to bring you next year.