Listen: Vinyl Factory feature Resina’s Colin Stetson mixtape
12th Jul 2018

Following the release last week of her stunning ‘traces’ album, Resina has made a mix for The Vinyl Factory’s mixtape series. In line with the series criteria of picking a single artist to focus on, Karolina has chosen the work of Canadian saxophonist Colin Stetson. As Vinyl Factory note, the pair “may play radically different instruments, but in their approach to layering sound, constructing sonic cathedrals with repetition and drone, is a kindred spirit… Resina pushes beyond the fragile movements of her self-titled debut to expose the harsher, more elemental registers of the cello, just as Stetson explores the full spectrum of the saxophone”

Check out Resina’s Colin Stetson mix on Vinyl Factory here.

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