Preorder Sylvain Chauveau’s ‘Simple’ in first ever vinyl pressing
13th Dec 2019

Excited to announce that Sylvain Chauveau‘s ‘Simple’ album is being reissued in a remastered, first-ever vinyl edition + is available to preorder now.
Sylvain was making elegant + adventurous post-classical compositions years ahead of the pack, back at a time when you could count the number of people working in that area on a single hand. His third album, ‘Un Autre Décembre’ (2002) was the second LP on 130701 and played a massive role in helping define our identity. In 2012 we released ‘Simple’, a CD collection of out-of-print, rare, and unreleased tracks for cinema made between 1998-2010.
It still sounds great + we believe he is long overdue some recognition / reappraisal of his role in helping prepare the ground for today’s vibrant scene.

Read more, listen and preorder ‘Simple’ here.


Live Events
Sylvain Chauveau
26 May Cafe Oto - London, UK
30 May Oranjewoud festival - Oranjewoud, NL