130701 included in big Uncut feature
27th Oct 2016
130701 and its artists features heavily in a big 6-page feature by Wyndham Wallace, discussing the growth of the ‘post-classical’ genre and how to define it, in the new issue of Uncut...
Watch Daylight Music’s video of Resina at the Union Chapel
26th Oct 2016
Daylight Music have hosted some very nice video footage of ‘Not Here’ from Resina‘s recent live performance at the Union Chapel. The video is up on Daylight Music’s youtube...
‘Songs From Before’ tenth anniversary
25th Oct 2016
Max Richter’s third album ‘Songs From Before‘ hits the ten year milestone this week. Originally released by us back on 23rd October 2006, the album was the second of...
Watch Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch live video from Union Chapel show
19th Oct 2016
Our good friends at Daylight Music​ have put up some lovely video footage of Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch​ playing an organ piece for a show at the Union Chapel​ 2 weeks...
Set Fire To Flames debut – 15th anniversary
17th Oct 2016
Saturday (15th Oct) marked the fifteenth anniversary of the brilliant debut of Set Fire To Flames’ ‘Sings Reign Rebuilder’. Created by the 13-piece Montreal-based collective (which featured 7 members...
Dmitry Evgragov – ‘The Quiet Observation’ EP released today
12th Oct 2016
Moscow-based pianist / composer Dmitry Evgrafov’s wonderful new digital EP ‘The Quiet Observation’ is released today, most exactly one year since the release of ‘Collage’, his album debut for us. ‘The...
Dmitry Evgrafov video premiered on Ransom Note
10th Oct 2016
Ahead of the release this Friday of his new digital EP, ‘The Quiet Observation’, Ransom Note have premiered a new video by Dmitry Evgrafov. The video for the track ‘Lovebirds’...
Resina live videos premiered on The Quietus
7th Oct 2016
Ahead of upcoming shows at The Union Chapel (Oct 15th) and Unsound Festival (Oct 20th), improvising Polish cellist Resina has had two live videos premiered over at The Quietus....
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