Watch full set of videos for Clarice Jensen album
16th Apr 2020

You can now WATCH videos for all 5 tracks of Clarice Jensen‘s new LP, ‘The experience of repetition as death’. The stunning videos were made by Serena Stucke + Dan Tesene ofTestu Collective for projection on Clarice’s US tour supporting A Winged Victory For The Sullen, which was postponed due to the pandemic.
They write how “the video concept is an aesthetic extension of our previous work ‘Acetone Oceans’ – rooted in the exploration of special effects techniques used in 60s/70s sci-fi films such as Tarkovsky’s sentient ocean in ‘Solaris’, created by zooming into unfolding chemical reactions. Although we were using identical chemical building blocks, there is never a similar structure reproduced. New formations emerge from the repetition of mixing the same solvents, pigments and catalysts. Just as Clarice’s album asks us to take a deep listen into the glacial movement of her layers of cello, we are asking the viewer to take a pause in this visual emergence.”

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