130701 Heads to Estonia for Tallinn Music Week
29th Mar 2016

We are hosting a showcase at Tallinn Music Week in Estonia’s beautiful capital city this weekend. The showcase takes place within the stunning medieval building, Mustpeade Maja on Friday 1st April.

130701’s David Howell has curated a room within the venue, featuring three of our newest acts: Russian pianist / composer Dmitry Evgrafov, French pianist / composer Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch and Polish cellist Resina. The bill is completed with two local acts, the striking Ütsiotsõ (a choral quartet singing lesser-known Southern-Estonian folk songs and songs from Siberian Seto villages) and a collaboration between Estonian folk singer Meelika Hainsoo and Swedish / Estoniancomposer Mirjam Tally, who will perform Estonian folksongs with electroacoustic arrangement.

Ticket info for TMW is HERE.
In advance that, here’s a little playlist to check out the five acts playing:


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