Sylvain Chauveau live dates
6th Jun 2016

Our old friend Sylvain Chauveau has added a string of live dates in Belgium / France, both solo and in his band O, in the coming weeks / months.

You can catch him at the following events:

24th Jun – Musique de Cour, Brussels, BE (solo + 0),
1st Jul – Festival Le Bazardier, Nancy, FR (0, listening session),
2nd Jul – Festival Le Bazardier, Nancy, FR (solo)
13th Jul –  La Minoterie, Nay, FR (w/ Shua Group/Garin/Gobart)
5th Aug –  Cinéma Bil Etxea, St-Etienne-de-Baigorry, FR (0)
1st Oct – Internationales de la guitare, Montpellier, FR (solo)

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