WATCH: The Quietus premiere Ian William Craig’s full album-length video
17th Mar 2020

The Quietus have premiered a full, album-length video made by Ian William Craig ahead of Friday’s release of ‘Red Sun Through Smoke’, an album created in – and evocative of – a situation of environmental catastrophe and personal loss.

The video is a brilliant visual adjunct to the LP and a further example of both Ian’s outstanding creativity and long-standing interest in the ephemeral nature of time and memory. It was created through a similar process of manipulation of analogue storage devices, utilising a cache of old family movies on VHS and Beta, an ancient VHS camera, a video mixer and an analogue video synthesiser.  All of the imagery in this short film was generated using video synthesis and feedback, manipulated live to the music in manifold takes and edited down to this final form.

Watch the full video and read Ian’s notes on its making over at the Quietus.

You can read more about ‘Red Sun Through Smoke’ and buy the album here.